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A Full Range of Avionics Services

Here are just a few of our before & after custom installations. Get in touch to find out more about how we can assist you.


We utilize a select network of factory trained repair facilities for most equipment repairs. As a result, we can select the most appropriate shop for your needs, which translates to more cost effective repairs, exchanges and AOG’s.


All our customers are furnished with a package of custom wiring diagrams for each installation. This can be an enormous help, especially with any future troubleshooting. We are able to send you digital copies anywhere in the world, should you need.

New Equipment

Through our extensive dealerships we have access to all the popular avionic equipment makes and models.

Used Equipment

We also have a large inventory of used avionics in ‘as removed’, ‘serviceable’ and ‘overhauled’ conditions. Please contact us for details.


Entertainment systems are always popular, especially with our business aircraft owners, and we strive to keep our knowledge of the changing cabin systems current, to bring you the absolute latest and best there is.


With over 100 years’ combined experience, our technicians have all the skills required to make your installation right the first time. System and equipment knowledge, together with wiring and sheet-metal expertise is enhanced by the manufacturers’ regular training that each technician receives to ensure that every installation is faultless.


To assist you in deciding on your new panel layout, JLC Avionics is pleased to provide a free state of the art 3D visualization. Using a combination of engineering and design, we can create the perfect layout for your needs and allow you to see the final result before any work has even begun.

Custom Panels

Sometimes it isn’t possible to work the new equipment into an existing instrument panel, so a new instrument panel is the only option. We are thrilled to offer our clients custom built instrument panels, designed to meet all of your needs.  We can provide guidance on panel configurations that will meet the FAA regulations, along with your requirements, considering both functionality and financial constraints.
Customers can choose to upgrade with an basic overlay or a completely new panel layout using the new and existing instrumentation.  We design our panels using software that allows our clients to view a realistic presentation of the completed panel. This allows both the design and aesthetic to match the expectations of the client before any work has begun.  Our panel services include:

  • Consultation and guidance on panel configurations and avionic instrument selection
  • Design services
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Powder coating
  • Laser etching

Wire Lasering

We can provide laser marked wire packages, as well as complete harness builds matching your required specifications. Our custom laser wire printing provides permanent, reliable wire identification and is a great addition to any wiring project: from your own avionic harness building, to home surround sound systems, or even car audio systems. We provide laser marking services for an expansive number of types of wire, and offer a variety of fonts, sizes, and styles.

Unlike hot stamping, the laser marking technology we use does not impair the electrical or mechanical properties of the wire. The integrity of the wire remains unchanged by our marking process, and the markings themselves are permanent. They won’t even wear off with solvents or friction! Since it maintains complete insulation integrity in these conditions, our laser wire marking is approved for any wiring work within the international aerospace industry. So we’ve got your wire marking covered, no matter the scope of the job!


A long business relationship with our trusted, and industry respected DER and DAR allow us to expedite any necessary services required outside normal installation and STC requirements.


JLC Avionics has the capabilities and trained personnel to carry out all your testing needs – VFR, IFR and RVSM re-certifications and inspections.  We carry out the testing and inspection of transponder, altimeter, encoder and static systems as per FAR 91.411/413.