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Exclusions to Warranty

JLC Avionics want you to be happy with our service and the equipment we have installed, and we stand by the quality of our workmanship. However work carried out on your aircraft by a third party can on occasion result in damage that effects the equipment we have installed. We want to make any problem right for you, but we cannot vouch for the work of an unauthorized third party and cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the actions of others.

This warranty is void if any unauthorized opening, alterations or additions have been made to the equipment, or if it has been subjected to damage caused by accident, abuse, misapplication, neglect, contamination, improper storage, improper operations, improper maintenance, if warranty seals have been removed or if repair/alteration has been carried out at a place other than JLC Avionics, unless such work was performed with the express written consent of JLC Avionics.

Warranty is void if equipment issues are a result of damage to the wiring harness by the aircraft or as a result of removal/work carried out on the aircraft by a third party.

This warranty does not cover any indirect or consequential damage or loss of product or business

JLC Avionics endeavors to repair any faulty unit whether inside or outside of the warranty period speedily and at the lowest possible cost.