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John C. - Siskiyou Air Service Inc. - Scott Valley, CA

JLC Avionics has been servicing all my avionic needs for a number of years now, and as an FBO operator, I never hesitate to recommend JLC Avionics to any of my clients either. They are by far the best shop that I have dealt with in the Northern California/Southern Oregon area. Dave and Liz run a business that is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and accommodating. In my experience it has been hard to find an avionics shop that doesn't rip you off, but these folks are extremely reasonable.

Dave knows the older aircraft systems as well as the latest and greatest glass panel technology. When it comes to equipment that needs repair, they spend the time to go through all the options available to you (in my case repair of an older unit vs purchase of newer equipment) and the pro's and cons of each choice. There is none of the usual avionic shops' condescending techno-babble either - Dave explains everything in plain and straightforward language. This is a shop that won't try to hard sell you; they are considerate of budget issues and allow you to make an informed decision in your own time.

My referrals reflect on my own business standards, and I have no hesitation in referring JLC Avionics for jobs big or small.

Don K. - CFII, Karpen Aviation, LLC - Medford, OR

As a highly-experienced General Aviation instrument flight instructor who respects high standards, I am always looking for advancements in safe aviation technology. I have been fortunate to be associated with JLC Avionics, who consistently works to remain abreast of developments and applications in avionic systems. JLC has quickly developed and earned a reputation in our aviation community for researching and finding the best value and fit for their clients. I enjoy providing post-installation instruction to their fortunate customers.

Al T. - Ashland, OR

When I started building my Van’s RV-8A, my biggest concern was related to completing the install of the avionics and electrical system. I had no prior experience in avionics or aircraft electrical systems but knew I wanted a fairly robust instrument panel. I also wanted a dual electronic ignition system which meant independent dual batteries and the resulting complex electrical system supporting that. Here’s a list of the key avionics and electrical components in my Van’s RV-8A panel:

  • Dynon Flightdek D-180 EFIS
  • TruTrack ADI Pilot I with roll hold
  • Garmin GPS 496
  • Garmin SL30 NavComm
  • Garmin GTX327 Transponder
  • SIG Sport 200S Intercom
  • Light Speed Dual Electronic Ignition
  • Numerous rocker switches and warning lights

Sure, I felt comfortable routing wires through the airframe, installing lights and engine sensors, securing the ELT and other such tasks. What I needed was extensive advice in understanding what wires went where for most sections of the electrical system. I knew I needed professional assistance with this part of the build and I was afraid that help would be time consuming and very expensive.

Over a period of several months, Dave identified several initial wiring errors I made and helped me correct them. He advised me on what wires, of what gauge, went where. He reviewed my ongoing progress, made critical electrical connections that I didn’t have the skills or tools to do properly, and tested and troubleshot my work at various stages during the build.

Occasionally my RV-8A was in Dave’s shop for a couple of days. Then weeks would pass while I worked on other aspects of the build back in my own hanger. I found JLC Avionics to be very accommodating in working with my irregular schedule. Dave was very thorough in his work. Every issue he addressed was worked and then tested to ensure correct function. I didn’t need to have him re-do any of his work due to an error on his part.

The shop rates were reasonable and Dave was quite efficient in his charged time while working on my airplane. He even loaned me his laptop so I could download and update the firmware on my Dynon D-180!

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an excellent Avionics shop in the hanger next door like I do. Even if JLC Avionics is not next door to you, I whole heartedly recommend them. Dave is knowledgeable of a wide range of avionics products, efficient in his work, and both Dave and Liz are easy to work with. Regardless of the distance involved, I believe that taking your aircraft to JLC Avionics would be a very good decision.

Rex E. - Klamath Falls, OR

I can heartily recommend JLC Avionics for your avionics needs. Whether it is to trouble shoot a minor glitch in your comm radio or to have a state of the art avionics installation, JLC Avionics can do the job with competence and professionalism AND very friendly service, AND very fair prices.

My previous experience for avionics services at the Medford municipal airport was negative ....indifferent attitude and HIGH PRICES!! I had planned to go to Redding or Bend for future avionics needs. I responded to a flyer from JLC Avionics, sent out about a year prior to my first use of JLC. I had Dave install an external antenna jack for my hand held comm radio in my Super Cub. Dave and Liz were so courteous and friendly and so fair in the prices, I was impressed!

Since then, I had Dave do the wiring harnesses and installation of the complete IFR panel on my experimental Bearhawk. Again, I was totally impressed with their friendly, competent sevices. And again, the cost was fair. If somebody were to ask me about going to JLC, I would recommend them without hesitation. As a matter of fact that has already happened several times.

I always get a positive report back from whomever I referred to JLC Avionics.

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