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Equipment Warranty

All new equipment sold through JLC Avionics is covered by the terms of the individual manufacturers warranty.

While JLC Avionics does not supply any additional warranty for the products we sell, should any conditions arise within the manufacturers warranty period, we will process all claims and work with the manufacturer to resolve any issue you may have.

We cover our pre-used products with a standard 30-day warranty. If an item develops problems within this period, please contact us for troubleshooting assistance. If the problem is indeed with the item, we will then repair or replace it at our option.

Many manufacturers will void their equipment warranty if the unit has not been installed by an authorized dealer – please check the manufacturers policy before installing the item yourself. JLC Avionics will not warranty any equipment that has been installed by a third party.

Labor Warranty

On the products we install, JLC Avionics will guarantee the workmanship to be free from defects for a period of 2 years from the date of installation.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the owner of the aircraft at the time of service.


If the aircraft becomes un-flyable due to the newly installed equipment failing and cannot return to JLC Avionics’ fixed location during the warranty period, we will make arrangements for an authorized dealer near you to swap out the defective equipment. Do not take the aircraft to another facility for a warranty repair unless we have made the arrangements and authorized you to do so. JLC Avionics will not honor any unauthorized repair costs.

If we are unable to duplicate your complaint, there will be a charge for the time needed to investigate your warranty claim (based on our current hourly labor rate).

All flight tests required for certification, troubleshooting or evaluation purposes are at the owner expense. All travel to and from our facilities for warranty repairs are also at the owner expense.

Customer Supplied Equipment

Would you bring your own steak to a restaurant?

Times are hard we know, and with the current economic situation, we sometimes receive requests to install customer-supplied parts. Like the majority of avionic shops worldwide, it is JLC Avionics’ policy to not install customer-supplied parts that do not have a recent 8130/3or acceptable yellow-tag/maintenance release. Parts that are supplied for installation without this requirement will, at the customers expense be; tested, any necessary repairs made, and re-certified prior to installation.

Hopefully, the following will help you understand our policy regarding such request.


Obviously, as a business we have a reasonable mark-up on the parts that we sell and install – it’s part of being in business! Our profits allow us to continue to invest in our business operations, but when a customer supplies their own part that mark-up profit is lost. We could raise our labor rates to make up for the lost revenue, but that is not a path we want to go down (we feel that our labor rate is fair and competitive as it is).

Customer Relationships:

We strive to build our business by creating loyal, lifelong relationships with people who value the quality of work, experience level, honesty and professionalism that we provide. Our customers value the service we provide and we believe we charge a fair price for said services. When the motivating factor for the customer being at our shop is just the cheapest price, and there is no interest in developing a relationship with our company, then the truth is we can’t win.


Our reputation is in part based on the quality of the work that we do, and part of that involves using high quality products. We have spent time and effort cultivating dealerships with the most respected aviation manufacturers in the world because we respect their products, and we have the specialized training to diagnose, repair, and install such products correctly. Most customers do not have this level of knowledge and often have not considered the following:

Things To Consider

  • Is this unit going to solve your issue?
  • If you have an equipment problem, who diagnosed it?
  • How do you know that the part you are supplying is going to solve your issue?
  • Is the part designed to work with the other equipment in your aircraft?
  • Is it the same Mod. standard ?
  • Were there any alterations the manufacturer made which will change the way it needs to be installed?
  • Will this part work correctly with your other installed equipment?
  • How do you know it will work with the rest of the equipment in your cockpit?

Internet forums are a great source of information, but not always reliable. Customers pay us for our expertise because they are not experts. Parts (especially older ones) may not “talk” to other installed components and can be incompatible. Mod. standards are especially likely to alter the compatibility, even on so-called common place equipment.

What about quality?

As mentioned before, the quality of our work is obviously reliant in part on using quality equipment. That used part you purchased may be of questionable or poor quality – it may also be illegal. What about parts traceability? Ask yourself if you are just purchasing someone else’s problem (after all they are selling it for a reason).

What about a warranty?

We warranty all of our work, but we can not warranty equipment that customers provide to be free of defects as we have no knowledge of that fact. Would you provide a warranty for a transmission I bought on the internet and asked you to put in my car?

Our reputation has been built by selecting the highest quality parts and providing them at competitive prices. We feel that our customers come to us for the expertise, experience, service and high level of professionalism we offer. If we allow customers to provide their own parts, not only is the integrity of our work compromised, but there is also an opportunity for the client/business relationship that we have worked so hard to establish, to breakdown. As mentioned in the title of this would you bring your own steak to a restaurant?

We hope that you understand our position.

Exclusions to Warranty

JLC Avionics want you to be happy with our service and the equipment we have installed, and we stand by the quality of our workmanship. However work carried out on your aircraft by a third party can on occasion result in damage that effects the equipment we have installed. We want to make any problem right for you, but we cannot vouch for the work of an unauthorized third party and cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the actions of others.

This warranty is void if any unauthorized opening, alterations or additions have been made to the equipment, or if it has been subjected to damage caused by accident, abuse, misapplication, neglect, contamination, improper storage, improper operations, improper maintenance, if warranty seals have been removed or if repair/alteration has been carried out at a place other than JLC Avionics, unless such work was performed with the express written consent of JLC Avionics.

Warranty is void if equipment issues are a result of damage to the wiring harness by the aircraft or as a result of removal/work carried out on the aircraft by a third party.

This warranty does not cover any indirect or consequential damage or loss of product or business

JLC Avionics endeavors to repair any faulty unit whether inside or outside of the warranty period speedily and at the lowest possible cost.

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